WATD01 · Ulises Lima​/​Shonen bat split 12''

by Ulises Lima/Shonen bat

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Ulises Lima (Madrid, Spain) uliseslima.bandcamp.com
Shonen bat (Malaga, Spain) shonenbat.bandcamp.com

Si quieres una copia (7€) escríbenos a wearethedaughters@gmail.com o www.facebook.com/watd.recs

You can order a copy (7€) writing us to wearethedaughters@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/watd.recs


released March 13, 2013




We are the daughters Madrid, Spain

Sello afincado en Madrid // Record label based in Madrid (Spain)
Facebook profile: facebook.com/watd.recs
Facebook page: facebook.com/wearethedaughters

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Track Name: Ulises Lima - Shame
Now that soon I’ll be thirty, it’s time to open my eyes. This cheap patriotism rises. But on that corner on every station old workers and their families that fought for a new kind of life, now they’re fighting for their piece of trash.
We got tired of this. Who started that fire? Welcome to the new city. Please join them to the elite.
Fuck all these species, their race is for the shame. We need to wake and rise, and fight day by day. Fight for every minute. And fight for a name. And fight for our name.
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Hope
We are the sons of new mankind around here. Lack of humanity. Fascist, murderers; they own us. Now you lose your job, and this is what you voted for. Second chances, now this is what you pray for.
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Ruins
I wait but nothing happens…I want to sing a song with anything but happiness. Now that I don’t sleep, I’ve nothing more than time.

We are ruins of nothing.

I’ll never sleep again so I’ll think about this, over and over again. I’ll dream about these times.
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Shadows
Hurry up, don’t say anything. Wait for us, but don’t say anything.

My old dad came and stopped my childish games. He opened his mouth and whispered: “hey, nothing will last forever”.

Living in shadows, I left it behind. Now I’m looking straight forward. I’m ready and done.
Track Name: Shonen bat - Senses
Some days ,some times digging it
senses are my only one relative
the thing is that they can't cope with it
but anyway they forgive me
Track Name: Shonen bat - Pieces
Life and blessing
leaves on playgrounds
life passes here to miss you
time to watch it
I'm here to give you
my little pieces
soul ensembling
a whole life for blessing
Track Name: Shonen bat - The line
Across the line that divides
a whole breach right below us
hopeless, worthless
A certain sound shall break through it all
find it, hold it
I've crossed the line that divides
a whole breach right between us
helpless, worthless
A certain sound shall break through it all
Track Name: Shonen bat - Restrained
Restrained sound
into the storm
the way we feel
what we've become
all sounds are clear
when I'm bored
you called my name
it felt like home
room without a view
machine without screws
dance in the dark
when lights are gone
souns are clear
at this time of day
let me hear myself
let me go again